About Us

SoCal Bakeries, Inc. is located in Santa Ana, California.

This beginning of SoCal Bakeries, Inc. started when two companies: Gold Coast Bakery of Santa Ana, Ca and Pioneer Bakery of Venice, Ca became one manufacturing company. The Pioneer Bakery manufacturing plant was purchased and then relocated to Santa Ana forming one manufacturing facility.

The two companies became one manufacturing plant which led to the Company’s new name as SoCal Bakeries, Inc. Pioneer Bakery has been baking authentic quality French and Sourdough products since 1908. Gold Coast Bakery has been producing quality breads, buns and roll products since 1989.

The two brands specialize in both French, Sourdough, and Grain based breads. You can find our bread in retailers such as Costco, Food 4 Less, Ralphs, Stater Brothers and Vons.